Texas A&M University-Kingsville

Logo and Name Guidelines

Some of the information on this page refers to KTAI-FM's logo, as well as the university's logo and name usage and formatting. (For more information on the university's logo usage, visit http://www.tamuk.edu/marcomm/graphic_standards/)

Our Name

In body copy (the text of a manuscript), the first reference to the radio station  is by the full name: KTAI-FM 91.1 (using the hyphen as shown). Subsequent references may use KTAI or KTAI-FM (again with a hyphen when needed).

Please do not refer to the radio station simply as KTAI or 91.1 FM. All the letters KTAI-FM go together and the Mhz frequency numbers are by themselves 91.1. It is obvious that 91.1 is on FM and not AM, but it is not as obvious that KTAI is an FM licensed station.

Treatment of the University Name and Abbreviation in Type

There will be instances when the university’s name is set in type but not used in the logo format. The formal, full name of the university must appear on all legal documents and university print and electronic publications. The Texas A&M University System and Texas A&M University-Kingsville have established standards for how the university’s name and acronym is to be displayed in such instance. No exceptions are permitted. The preferred usage, space permitting, is the full name of the university on one line as shown:

Texas A&M University-Kingsville

There is never any space between the A, the ampersand, and the M in the acronym A&M. When the full name of the university is used, there is no space between the “y” in university, the hyphen, and the “K” in Kingsville. Note that the separating element is a hyphen, not a dash.

In body copy (the text of a manuscript), the first reference to the university is by the full name: Texas A&M University-Kingsville (using the hyphen as shown). Subsequent references may use Texas A&M-Kingsville or A&M-Kingsville (again with a hyphen).

The university name should not be abbreviated as TAMUK.

Note that the only time the hyphen is used is between University and Kingsville in the full one-line version of the name. The hyphen is never used in any other situation. The only approved exception to the approved abbreviation in official print and electronic publications is that AMK may be used in the school song, “Hail AMK.”

Official Colors

Blue: PMS 286
Gold: PMS 123

C = 100 M = 66 Y = 0 K = 2
C = 0 M = 24 Y = 94 K = 0

R = 0 G = 93 B = 170
R = 255 G = 196 B = 37

Blue: #003399
Gold: #ffcc00

Texas A&M University-Kingsville’s official colors are PMS 123 (gold) and PMS 286 (blue). We use the same color value definitions when implementing our logo.

For instances where spot color is impractical, corresponding values for the logo color values are provided in 4-color process (CMYK).

Values in RGB and HEX are provided for instances where official colors will be needed for screen presentation such as slide presentations and websites.

Changing Proportions

Sample-Don't distort our logo.

The logo should not be distorted, i.e., stretched or condensed, but used only in its original proportions. If you need to resize the our logo or other university icon, hold down the shift key on your keyboard while hitting the arrow. This ensures that the image stays in proper proportion as it is resized to fit your needs.

Usage Grants

If you care to use our logo, please request a PSD, JPEG, GIF, TIF, PNG by emailing us to ktai@tamuk.edu. We will gladly send you a high/print quality version of our logo.

This page was last updated on: June 21, 2012